Eduard Shevardnadnze and George Schulz - crossing t's, dotting i's, cutting through ice-blocks.
Eduard Shevardnadnze and George Schultz – crossing t’s, dotting i’s, cutting through ice-jams.

CBS World News Roundup – September 30, 1986 – Gordon Skene

Historic news this September 30th in 1986.

It was announced, that Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev and President Reagan would be meeting at Reykjavik Iceland for the first of what was hoped would be several summits aimed at ending the Cold War between the two superpowers. The meeting was scheduled to take place on October 11 and 12. Initially, the plan was for Gorbachev to come to the U.S., but undisclosed last minute changes prompted the move to Reykjavik.

And as the broadcast was going on, news was unfolding regarding the summit. Word that accused American spy Nicholas Daniloff was being released from a KGB prison and heading back to the U.S., while accused Russian spy Gennadi Zakharov was getting ready to be released from a Brooklyn jail as a reciprocal move of goodwill on Washington’s part.

In other news – South African President P.W. Botha was stepping down after two decades as ruler of his National Party. The 70 year old Botha announced he would not call for a general election later on in the year as aides had been hinting. He also won a key ruling from South Africa’s highest court as it upheld key state of emergency provisions under which thousands had been detained. In Washington, the Senate was expected to repudiate President Reagan’s veto of the tough South Africa Sanctions bill. The House voted 313 to 83 the night before to override the veto.

And as of midnight, the Fiscal New Year was beginning. But once again Congress will not have completed action on a more than $ 1/2 Trillion 1987 Money Bill. In order to prevent a Federal shutdown, emergency measures would need to be enacted.

All that, and more on the Reykjavik story as presented by The CBS World News Roundup for September 30, 1986.

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