Yes, honest - history and all the stuff you hear has a face. And we're looking for support.
Yes, honest – history and all the stuff you hear has a face. And we’re looking for support.

Here we are; change of seasons and asking for your change to help keep Past Daily up and running and The Gordon Skene Sound Collection, digitizing preserving and offering all those historic goodies you hear every day on Past Daily.
We have to do this ever few months, because it costs a lot to keep this operation going – and every cent we raise this way keeps the site up, the vault space rent paid, the equipment maintained and the high standards of presenting you with history and Pop Culture and Music and Interviews and a lot of material you can’t find anywhere else, at your fingertips, every day of the week.
Our goal for Fall is $10,000 – that’s what we need to cover rent, maintaining equipment (we have a few DAT machines that have stopped working and 2 rare reel to reel decks that need to be repaired) and to work on our much anticipated Website revamp, which means getting a Dedicated Server and a complete makeover of our site to make it easier for you to navigate. We are hoping to expand – right now we’re going through growing pains and we need to take the next big step. And that’s why we need your help.
As you know, both Past Daily and The Gordon Skene Sound Archive are affiliated with Fractured Atlas, the life-saving Non-Profit Portal which allows up to take advantage of offering you a Tax Write-off on your donations.
What happens if we don’t reach our goal? We’ll have to do without – maybe not get the DAT machines fixed and the reel-to-reel machines will have to wait until next time. But every cent we raise goes directly to keeping us up and running. Whether it’s $10,000 or $100.00, it all goes to keeping the site up and the archive functioning.
So, why are we asking you to help? As you know, Past Daily has been around since 2012 – we’ve had fundraisers the past two years and almost all of them have been successful – some have been howling successes. And because they’ve been successes, and thanks to you, we’ve been able to keep doing what we’re doing; offering history and a chance to hear the stories and the voices of the people who have shaped our lives for better or worse.

I do this every day – most days it’s well past midnight before I call it quits. And I’m up the next morning around 7 to start another day of posting history and digitizing media – on top of freelancing (producing, writing and consulting for other people); this is what I do every day. I love it, and I get to take advantage of a life-long collection I have accumulated since I was 12 years old. Almost a million hours of history, voices and culture – the history I want to share with you, because it does no good sitting in a dark room, collecting dust.

As a two-time Grammy© nominee, I have used my Archive as the source of countless albums and box-sets, as well as scores of Movies and TV programs. It has also been used in research for numerous non-fiction books and educational projects as well as broadcast media outlets around the world.

That’s what we’re doing – that’s what this is all about and this is why I’m asking for your kind and generous support. If you can’t chip in, but you like what we’re trying to do and want to help, tell your friends – point them in the direction of Past Daily and ask them to click on the Indiegogo Fundraiser link and have them tell their friends – go to Facebook or Twitter – text or e-mail; anything you can do to help get the word out. Tell them it takes maybe a minute, but it will make all the difference in the world.

I’m here because of all your incredible help, support and encouragement these past three years. We’ve done it before, and I’m asking you to join me again.

A big hug to you all,

Gordon Skene

Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Past

Gordon Skene Sound Collection/Past Daily is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Gordon Skene Sound Collection/Past Daily must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Hit the link below – it will be painless, I promise:

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2 thoughts on “The Past Daily Fall Fundraiser – A Little Goes A Long Way

  1. Hello Mr. S. – You will get my quarterly $20 in the next few days. Where else can I hear Kristen Flagstad and Jimmy Carter in the same week? Do you have anything more you can post from Election Night 1964? Best wishes and thank you! Todd K

    1. Thanks Todd. It’s readers/listeners like you who make all this worthwhile and make me want to do more and be better. Yes, and more Election night 1964 will be on the way! Thanks again for all your support!

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