We're ready for ANYthing.
We’re ready for ANYthing.

First day in and it’s slow – well, it is Friday and it has been a strange week for news, and there are a lot of distractions. Still, Past Daily grinds on, as it has for a few years now. And even though current events are strange, events of the past can be stranger – and maybe in retrospect, not so daunting as they once were.

But we’re trying to raise money to expand and get better and bigger and offer more of what I’ve been gathering for most of my life in order to make it available to you every day. If you like what we’ve been up to here since 2012, then you know we are the real deal. No hobby here – no flights of fancy – no “post when I feel like it” situation. I’m dedicated to Past Daily and I’m dedicated to getting the message out all day-every day, seven days a week – I just need a little help in keeping things up and running. That’s why I’ve reached out to Fractured Atlas, who have given me the ability to offer a Tax Deduction for your generous donations – it’s a win-win situation for you and me. And that’s why I’m asking you to give what you can – no matter how much or how little – it all goes a long way to keeping you informed and reminding you that some things just keep happening in history; often repeatedly.
So, please take a minute or two and click on the link to make your pledge.

Here’s to Day 1!


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