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Past Daily Fall Fundraiser – Communique #2

Seriously, you don't need to be Einstein to figure out history is good for you - not to mention fun from time to time.
Seriously, you don’t need to be Einstein to figure out history is good for you – not to mention fun from time to time.

Day #2 – It’s the weekend and time for time-off. Well, for you maybe. Not for me – that’s when Past Daily switches into Pop Culture mode, and this is one of the popular parts of the week for many people (me included). It’s a break from the reminders that history often repeats and often repeats badly. A reminder that some things are slower to change than others. But unlike most sites, Past Daily isn’t around to alarm you or send you on a petition-signing campaign – I offer history during the week as an example of how the day-to-day has been throughout recorded history, but also as a way of reminding you that knowledge of events of the past can make educated evaluations in the future – and maybe not make the same mistakes over and over.

But Past Daily is around to let you know there’s a lot of Music and Culture and interesting aspects of our Society and our World you may have forgotten about – or never knew existed. Like the recently discovered interview with Jazz Legend Billie Holiday – or a previously unknown concert from the Hollywood Bowl in 1963. Or Pablo Neruda reading his own work in English for the first time. All that, and hundreds of hours like it are what I run every weekend for you to listen to and enjoy.

It’s a round-about way of saying; if you like Past Daily and what we’re all about and want us to continue doing what we’re doing, then we need your support. We’re not asking a lot – $20.00 from each of you who can afford it – and telling your friends and posting on your Facebook pages for those of you who can’t. Simple. Kicking in $20.00 or $50.00 (or more – or less) enables you to take advantage of the Tax Write-off, since we are a non-profit. And we get to keep running – and if we raise enough, expanding and reaching out to bigger audiences. So no matter how much or how little you can chip in, it all gets used and put to work. So think about it and make the decision to chip in this weekend.

All you have to do is click on the link just below and make your pledge – it takes a little less than a minute:

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