Tower Of Power – Live From Hempstead, New York – 1975 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Tower Of Power - A mashup of soul and funk as only they can do it.
Tower Of Power – A mashup of soul and funk as only they can do it.

Tower Of Power – Live At Calderone Hall, Hempstead New York – April 11, 1975 – WLIR-FM

The legendary Tower Of Power this weekend. Recorded live at Calderone Hall by WLIR-FM in New York, Spring of 1975.

With a string of hits to their credit, Tower Of Power proved, once again, that they were one of the truly unique horn-based bands to come along in a long time. The 70s were formative years for the band, particularly the 1973-1974 period when chief vocal duties were handled by Lenny Williams. Many of their most memorable hits came from this period and this was when they had the biggest commercial success and were staples in the diets of many radio stations across the country. Over the years they have boasted some 60 musicians coming in and out of the band, but they are still active and touring today.

If you missed them the first time around, here’s a great opportunity to catch them during their one of their most successful periods – a time when they were household names to millions of people.

Crank it up and get funky!

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