Yael Naïm - with a voice that is, at once intoxicating and urgent.

Yael Naïm - with a voice that is, at once intoxicating and urgent.
Yael Naïm – with a voice that is, at once intoxicating and urgent.

Yael Naîm – In Session for Arte, Paris – September 16, 2015 – Arte Web, France

To consider that Israeli-French singer/songwriter Yael Naïm suddenly soared to international fame, based on her 2008 single New Soul, as the result of being used in an Apple TV commercial, you begin to realize just how much the Music Business has changed and how it’s really no longer a sheltered and closely guarded community. She was also the first Israeli/French artist to hit the top 10 in the U.S. – further evidence changes are afoot.

And that’s a healthy sign, because Yael Naïm is an extraordinary artist, and the more people are aware of her, the better off our musical experiences are going to be.

That her range and style are such that she is capable of expressing mystery and urgency almost in the same breath, is a real testimony to her craft and style.

This session, done for the wildly eclectic World Media site Arte Web, capitalizes on those qualities in a live setting, and does it exceedingly well.

If you remember the 2008 Apple MacBook laptop commercial featuring New Soul, then this will come as an extra slice of amazing for you. If you missed the commercial or never heard of Yael Naîm before, hit the play button and dive into some new territory.

Either way, you can’t lose – especially on a Friday night/Saturday morning.

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