You could have made a contribution. But no . . . . .
You could have made a contribution. But no . . . . .

Day #3 – We Haven’t cracked 0% yet. if you’re on the fence about chipping in, now’s the time to do it. I know a lot of you out there are busy with other things; it’s the weekend, after all. And some of you are waiting for someone else to step up and kick a few bucks in the basket before you jump in. Or, as one of you pointed out during our Summer Fundraiser “aren’t you doing a lot of these things?” – truths to tell; no. It just seems that way because the months race by pretty fast and it only seemed like Summer a few days ago. If you live in L.A. it actually was Summer until yesterday – but that’s the weather around here and life in Sudden California.

But we only do this a couple times a year – and that’s why it’s so crucial to get  your support – even for a few bucks. It all goes into preservation and restoration and upkeep. As you’ve noticed, the site has been around for a few years and hasn’t gotten an upgrade yet. Admittedly, it’s a bit creaky and needs a facelift, as well as an easier way to navigate through the 5,000+ posts that are currently available. We have a lot of history and Pop Culture, as well as interviews and newscasts for you to sift through. When we first got started, I would tell readers to just scroll through and pull up what they liked. I can’t do that anymore – it’s too unwieldy. But all the upkeep and restoration and revamping costs – and on top of putting up new posts every day – sleep wouldn’t be an option, it would be a distant memory. So I need all the help I can get, and sometimes that’s not so easy.
But the bottom line is – I need your support, and your Tax Deductible contributions go a very long way in keeping the site up and the Archive restoring, preserving and digitizing so all of you can benefit from it for years to come.

Help us make our goal by doing what you can. Make a contribution in whatever amount you’re comfortable with, and tell your friends – let them know you support what Past Daily is all about and ask them to join you. Make your contribution today and help keep history alive.

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