Peaches & Herb In Session For Soul! 1969 – Nights At The Roundtable: Session Edition

Peaches & Herb - Herb stayed the same, it was Peaches who kept changing.

Peaches & Herb – Herb stayed the same, it was Peaches who kept changing.

Peaches & Herb – In Session for Soul! – WNDT, New York – January 16, 1969 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Sharing the bill with Ruby & The Romantics (who I ran last night), Peaches & Herb were another act who were up-and-coming at the time of this broadcast. By this time (1969), original founding member Francine Baker had already left and was replaced by Peaches Number 2, Marlene Mack, and she is the one who remained throughout the period on Date Records, where most of their early hits (starting in 1967) were made.

As was always the case with this pivotal TV series, the acts sang live, without the aid of pre-recording and the historic aspect of these rare appearances can’t be underestimated, since Soul! was one of the few regular shows who featured acts performing without miming.

There have been several incarnations of Peaches & Herb over the years but this one captures a very popular Soul group during their early years, when they were just getting known and reaching out to a wider audience.

Here is that session (which includes an interview), clocking in at a little under 10 minutes. It’s short, but every second is fascinating. Enjoy.

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