Oh . . .shutting down the government . . .again?
Oh . . .shutting down the government . . .again?

CBS World News Roundup + Hourly News – October 5, 1990 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

While sabers continued to rattle in the Middle East, and while Berlin was still nursing the hangover of celebrations, the age-old/never ending saga of threatened Government Shutdowns once again visited Capitol Hill.

Seemingly a thing you can set a watch to – and a thing that generates no small flood of alarming consequences, the House rejected by a vote of 254 to 179 President Bush’s all-out $500 billion tax-and-deficit reduction package. Bush could not overcome the huge public and political backlash and sent the package down to a stinging defeat. Despite emotional appeals and a lot of arm-twisting, Bush could not muster the votes to turn the rejection around. It was a defeat handed to him from both sides of the aisle. Bush promised to veto any compromise bill that came along to shore up the possibility of a government shut-down. Wall Street was looking forward to an ugly session on this day.

And the saber-rattling continued in the Middle East with reports surfacing via The Los Angeles Times that Iraq had Fuel-Air explosives; conventional super-bombs with the power of small nuclear weapons. The BBC and Der Spiegel magazine reported Baghdad got the technology from a German company by way of Egypt. However, a think-tank responded by saying Iraq didn’t have the necessary delivery abilities to make such a mission successful and that FAE’s were sketchy at best.

Meanwhile, four German human-shield hostages in iraq were released and flown to Amman, Jordan. Baghdad said it was a gesture of support for the unification celebrations taking place – even though Iraq still had 73 German hostages.

And another anti-Aquino rebellion was crushed by government forces in the Philippines as government troops gained the upper hand on the island of Mindanao.

All that, and so much more for this busy October 5th in 1990 as reported over The CBS World News Roundup and Hourly News.

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