Ain't Monday grand?
Ain’t Monday grand?


Day #4 – It’s the start of our first full week of campaigning, and so far it’s slow getting up to speed. The competition for funding is fierce – we’re coming up on election season (I know;  2016 is next year, but you wouldn’t know it) and seemingly every campaign, organization, Political Action Group and Hopeful Candidate is actively pitching for donations. It can get a little loud and a lot distracting – especially when the “personal” appeals come in e-mail form to the tune of 10 a day. It’s overwhelming, and I can understand the desire to shut-down when another  urgent appeal hits your mailbox.

But I’m not asking for millions – just enough to keep the site going, expand the site and to still be here, long after the hysteria and campaign issues die down. Past Daily has been around for 3 years. In that time we’ve had some 3 million visitors and a lot of positive feedback. It’s been a very positive and rewarding experience – and for me, running this whole operation by myself, some 14 hours a day – 7 days a week, a feeling of optimism that, even though the world is going through some heinous times, there are people who care and who refuse to succumb to the insanity. There’s more of you than the doomsayers will admit; and you’re the ones I am asking.
Right now, the question is – does Past Daily appeal to you? Do you like what we’re doing? Do you know we have over 5,000 articles posted, and that we post every day? There would be more, but frankly, sleep is sparse enough, and I have been known to crash at the computer in the middle of a sentence.
I can’t do this alone, and so every season I ask for your help, your tax deductible donations, your words to friends, your encouragement.
Compared to the noise of the rest of Social Media, what we’re doing is a calm respite from the day-to-day, and I know a lot of you appreciate that.
So I’m asking – not for a lot (although a lot would be great right now), but just to chip in, pass the hat, spare change. If only a fraction of you who come by and visit would chip in, we’d hit our goal in no time – if even that fraction of you pledged $5.00, we’d call it a howling success.

Here we are on Monday – first day of the week, and a busy week in history. While you’re reading and listening and enjoying the concerts and interviews and all the eclectic posts I do every day, consider how you can help. Your dollars, for sure – but also, tell your friends. Without your help, it just won’t work.

Click on the link in the box below and give what you can – a little goes a long way.

Until next time,
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