James - further evidence the 90s were going to be a decade of discovery.
James – further evidence the 90s were going to be a decade of wild discovery.

James – In Concert at Brixton Academy – December 9, 1993 – BBC Radio 1 In Concert seriesBBC

Jumping into the 90s tonight with a set from James, a band very much in the Madchester mold of the 90s. Even though James had been together since 1982, it was the period of the 90s where the band saw their biggest successes, both in the UK and in the U.S.

Tonight it’s a set from their halcyon early 90s period, captured for posterity by the ever-present BBC Radio for their In Concert Series.

After dissolving in 2001, the band reunited in 2007 and, according to a report from 2010, James have sold some 25 million albums. I think you would agree, they were, and still are, very popular.

Crank this one up.

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