Spooky Tooth - a serious attack of talent, not destined to go the distance.
Spooky Tooth – a serious attack of talent, not destined to go the distance.

Spooky Tooth – In Session – BBC Radio 1 – 1968

Spooky Tooth were one of those bands which should have made it huge. But for whatever reason they came close, but in the end came up short. Not for lack of trying and certainly not for lack of talent – Spooky Tooth had a serious attack of talent, as was evidenced by where some of the band members showed up later. Luther Grosvenor went solo after splitting the band, but then got scooped up by Mott The Hoople, during their re-vamping into Glam, and emerged as Ariel Bender. Gary Wright went solo and churned out a pile of feel good hits, such as Dreamweaver. All in all the individual members of the band fared better than the sum total of Spooky Tooth during their tenure.

Tonight it’s an early session from the band – evolving from The VIP’s and then briefly known as Art (with the splendid, but obscure Supernatural Fairy Tales), before settling in as Spooky Tooth and doing this session for either John Peel or Alan Freeman in 1968.

In hindsight, the band should have gotten much more recognition than they did – they had some great songs in their catalog. Sadly, only two songs comprise this session of early material, amounting to a little over 5 minutes of music – it’s hoped more surface in the future.

But for now – dive into a shade of 1968 you may not be all that familiar with.

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