Everybody like a little reminder now and then - history is important - so is useful information.
Everybody likes a little reminder now and then – history is important – so is useful information.

Day #6 – Slowly inching forward. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the support so far. It takes a little convincing, letting people know Past Daily has been around for a while, that we’re a Non-Profit and that we actually do use the money to keep the site going. One of the biggest problems a site like this faces is that we don’t go for the sensational – we don’t have any click-bait – we don’t have drop-down ads wher you can’t turn the sound off  – and we stay away from the “top-10 lists”. I try to let the history do the talking on its own; providing a minimum of background and a lot of links where you can find out more.  Because of that, I have to rely on support from people like you to help keep Past Daily going. I’ve had a few people ask why I don’t have a more sensational site – have more T&A, more click-bait – take political sides. My feeling is, history can be pretty sensational on its own; sides take shape on their own – T&A just isn’t what Past Daily is about, unless it’s in a historic context. Political sides are irrelevant in talking about history and events – the events speak for themselves – and it’s not my business to drag you into one side of the political argument or another – you can do that on your own and with your friends, which is why I don’t get a lot of comments and don’t really encourage them. Past Daily is a place to find things out, not argue about them – you can do that on your own page. I’m just here to present the people and the events and let you make up your own mind. All that said, Past Daily is something of an anomaly in Social Media – we just want to turn you on to things, not tell you how you should feel about them.

And so asking for your support is necessary a few times a year. I’m not asking you to make any sacrifices or do something I wouldn’t normally do – after paying my bills, buying food and gas, every penny of the money I make doing my day job goes right into this site and the running of it.

But it’s important for you to know I put my money where my mouth is. I wouldn’t ask you to contribute to something I don’t contribute to myself on a daily basis. So I’m appealing to you to join me and kick in what you can. A little or a lot – whatever is comfortable for you. Like I always say – a little goes a long way.

Click on the link in the box above and give what you can – I appreciate it,  and so does everybody else.

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