20 dead based on rumors.
21 dead based on a rumor.

CBS World News Roundup – October 8, 1990 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

While chaos swept over Capitol Hill this day, thwarted only by an emergency spending bill which kept the government from shutting down for 12 days, there was other chaos going on in the world, this October 8, 1990.

The Capitol Hill chaos was temporarily halted when the House approved a vague $500 billion deficit reduction plan and a stop-gap 12 day spending bill that raised the national debt ceiling. Even so, parts of government were shut down, including National Parks. Unless the Senate went along with the package and President Bush signed it, the government ran the risk of defaulting on its debts for the first time, ever. And a contentious time was had by all on the floor of Congress this day.

The other chaos came from Jerusalem this day, with rioting claiming the lives of some 21 Palestinians. The riots, sparked by rumors that Jews were coming up to stake their claim to The Temple Mount area, began during Morning Prayers in the Mosque. Hundreds of angry Arabs stormed the Police Station. Shooting broke out and rocks were tossed at Jews praying at the Western Wall. Israeli Police and border guards fired several volleys of teargas and then rubber bullets and finally live ammunition to break up the riots. Witnesses said it was some of the worst violence ever seen in the old city of Jerusalem.

And things were heating up again the Persian Gulf with a showdown between British, Australian and American warships and an Iraqi cargo vessel, which refused to stop and turn around. Shots were finally fired and the ship stopped, and was boarded by U.S. Coast Guard personnel who had a look around and determined the ship was empty and finally allowed to go on its way.

And Tom Metzger, former KKK Grand Dragon and head of the White Aryan Resistance went on trial this day. He was accused of inciting to violence three white skinheads who beat a Black Ethiopian man to death outside his Portland Oregon apartment two years earlier. The day before the trial, several thousand people gathered at the murder scene; marching to promote racial and sexual equality. The family of the deceased was suing Metzger for $10 million.

All that, and so much more for this October 8, 1990 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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