These days - everybody is asking for a few bucks here and there
These days – seems like everybody is asking for a few bucks here and there

Day #7 – Although they’re not pouring in, pledges of support and contributions are continuing at a pace. Keep it up – we need all the help and word-of-mouth we can get over the next few weeks, if we’re going to get anywhere near shouting distance of our goal. It has occurred to me that most Public Radio Stations are starting up their fundraisers now or in the next few days. So the competition for your Tax Deductible contributions goes into high gear this month. We’re all asking for your support – we’re all pitching and pleading and cajoling. They offer trips to remote islands and iPads and tickets to impossible events. I offer thousands of hours of history and moments and milestones – it’s not sexy by comparison, but it is safe-haven when the noise gets too loud. A lot of people complain about the overload, the relentless pitching, asking and pleading. Public Radio is in a precarious position – government funding keeps getting slashed – corporate support has political strings attached. Radio is in constant fear of losing its audience. I don’t have that problem – I don’t do formats – i don’t do schedules – I don’t do drive-times. I loosely structure it so you can expect newscasts and documentaries during the day; music at night – and on the weekends, interviews, mash-ups and eclectic music. But you don’t have to tune in at a specific time – its here when you want it and how you want it. I have readers who love Classical Music but hate Jazz and Pop. I have readers who love Pop and History but hate Classical. The thing about Past Daily is; you don’t have to sit through one in order to get to the other – you can pick and choose what you want from this ever-increasing menu, when you want it. So maybe there’s an advantage to being a website rather than a radio station. However, both of us still need your support. We both rely on pledges and hat passing in order to survive. They need millions – I need a few thousand. Sadly, we both have to do it a few times a year.
So even though I’m not hounding you over your radio, I still need your support and your word of mouth and your Tax Deductible Contributions. I am a bargain, by comparison.

Click on the link in the box below and chip in what you can – takes maybe a minute – lasts a lifetime.

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