Campaign ’68 – October 10, 1968

The mad dash for votes in 1968.

The mad dash for votes in 1968.

Humphrey-Muskie Campaign – Paid Political Program – October 10, 1968 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

As the 1968 Presidential campaign sprinted to the finish line, all the heavy-hitters came out, all the endorsements were used and all the promises went into high gear.

Kicking off the last full month of campaigning in 1968, the Humphrey-Muskie camp got support by way of a series of paid political programs from the International Ladies Garment Workers Union featuring a vast array of supporters.

This first program in the series featured President Johnson, whose abrupt dropping out of the 1968 race prompted a scramble, chaos and an assassins bullet into the mix during what has been described as a pivotal point in time for the political life of America.

Here is that first program for the Humphrey-Muskie Campaign, as it originally aired on October 10, 1968

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