The Past Daily Fall Fundraiser – Communique #9

I know - suspicious of all the hounding. . . .
I know – suspicious of all the hounding. . . .

Day #9 РThe Weekend Р5% funded and slowly inching along. I am  grateful for the support so far Рyou give me faith and hope that Past Daily is doing the right thing and to keep going Рevery day.

These are busy, crazy times for most people – taking even a few minutes out to read an update can be a luxury – the break-neck speed of the average day and the avalanche of news, appeals and cliff-hanging can be daunting and disorienting – all you want to do on a weekend is sleep and forget. Unfortunately it often doesn’t work that way. Life is crammed with demands, and we muddle by as best we can, trying to stay focused on what’s important and what has meaning in our lives. I wish I could say that all I did throughout the day was post on Past Daily. But like most people, it’s just one of the lives I lead. As a freelancer who has worked for as many as three employers at once, I know what the lack of sleep is all about. I often work on projects that have deadlines “yesterday”, and the client is in full-panic mode. And despite the insanity of the deadline, I still post on Past Daily – because I believe my commitment to you, the audience, means a lot. And maybe you won’t read my latest post right away or even during the week – but it will be there, because that’s my pledge to you – in exchange for your support and your contributions.
All this by way of telling you I need your support – I do put my money where my mouth is – After the bills and the rent and the food, all the money I make goes into running the site – the digitizing, the restoration, the research, the writing – all those elements which many sites have a staff of people taking care of; it’s just me and my commitment to you and to history. If I didn’t love doing it, I would be hard-pressed to accept even half the hours I put into the daily requirements of keeping a endeavor like this alive. But I don’t like the alternative – I don’t like the lack of useful information and perspective we are currently ¬†experiencing in our media today. It doesn’t have to be like that and I don’t want to be part of the problem. Past Daily, to me, is part of the solution.
And that’s why your Tax Deductible contributions are so necessary to keep it going. I’m not asking a lot – just whatever you’re comfortable with. A little goes a very long way and it is all gratefully received. So please do what you can, and tell your friends.

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