History is jammed with strange questions - and even stranger answers.
History is jammed with strange questions – and even stranger answers.

Day #10 – A third of the way through and 5% funded – no pledges yesterday. It gets worrisome, because you start to think no one actually likes to know about things, listen to historic newscasts or music, or really see the relevance of what happened in 1958 compared to what’s happening now. The players may be different, the technology is different; but the results are the same. Protest, strife, wars, clashing ideologies and the endless grief and frustration. Certainly not cheery stuff – and definitely not things you want to be reminded of all the time.

But Past Daily isn’t about all that. Yes, there’s the news and bulletins and reports of things gone very wrong. But there are also the accomplishments, the pivotal moments – the people who made a difference – the ideas that helped shape the world for the good and make it a better place – the celebrations. Past Daily is about that too.
And the Music – Music from a hundred years ago and Music straight from the mixing board. It’s a dizzying spectrum of what we put up. I do stay away from the obvious, because what Past Daily is all about is showing you something you may not already be familiar with – those undiscovered gems which are seemingly everywhere, along with the unsung heroes and musicians in need of re-discovery. There’s a lot of amazing Music out there, put together by musicians who are struggling to be heard and to make a difference. The least I can do is tell you about it and add it to the enormous stew of sounds and ideas that Past Daily is all about.

So a few times a year I appeal for your support – help me to help others, help me to keep others informed, help me to keep others engaged and interested in the world around them. Help me keep Past Daily going. And it doesn’t take much – a little goes a long way. Your tax deductible contribution helps keep the site up and running, and the archive actively restoring, preserving and posting the thousands of hours of history and culture you hear here every day. It’s a herculean task and it needs your support. If you can’t contribute, or already have, please tell your friends – tell them about the amazing discoveries you’ve made on Past Daily. Tell them I do this every day, several times a day and I can’t do it alone. But I can certainly do it with your help and your words – and a buck or two here and there.

Click on the link in the box below and make your contribution – it takes a second and it lasts a lifetime. Give what you can.

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