Sisters Of Mercy - underground hits. And then everybody noticed.
Sisters Of Mercy – underground hits. And then everybody noticed.

Sisters Of Mercy – In Session For John Peel – July 9, 1982 – BBC Radio 1

Sisters Of Mercy in session tonight. They had a big reputation early on in underground circles as a mix of Goth and Post-Punk, although they have consistently insisted they are a Rock Band first and foremost. They got their start in 1977, but it wasn’t until they early 80s that they achieved their commercial breakthrough, which sustained the band into the 1990s, when they stopped releasing recorded material, as a protest to their label.

Going through a number of personnel changes over the years, the core of the band is intact, with Andrew Eldritch and drum machine Doktor Avalanche being consistent throughout the years.

Tonight it’s a session for John Peel from July of 1982, while the band were still relatively unknown in mainstream circles, but continuing to gather good word of mouth from the underground. As a touring band, Sisters Of Mercy are presumably still together, and there are persistent rumors of an album at some point, but nothing has been substantiated.

In the meantime, have a listen to how they were in 1982.

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