Okay - I'll admit: We're sweating it out right now.
Okay – I’ll admit: We’re sweating it out right now.
Day #13 – A little under half-way and not past 5% of our funding goal.  Sometimes it’s hard to compete with all the noise. The noise of other sites – the noise of the day – the noise of distraction. I’m trying to offer an alternative to that. History that’s relevant – people who have made a difference – events worth noting – music that’s unfamiliar or forgotten. All those elements that are important, yet go missing.  And I can tell, by looking at the numbers of visitors to Past Daily that a lot of you feel its important too. That’s why I’m asking for your support and your contributions for our Fall Fundraiser. That’s why every Tax Deductible penny counts. It takes a lot of time and energy to maintain a site like this – I wish I had a staff of people to do it. But I don’t – it’s just me, and it’s just many hours every day. On top of my other work, maintaining Past Daily and keeping the site up is a huge effort. But it’s an effort I love doing because I think having access to useful information is important – no; it’s crucial in order to live on the planet these days. The problem is – we get bombarded by so much useless information that it’s hard for the relevant parts to get through. Lots of distractions out there – lots of eye-candy, brain softeners, time-wasters. Past Daily isn’t about wasting your time – it’s about turning you on to history and people and your Culture.
We live in strange, uncertain times; times we swear up and down it’s never been like before. There is new, uncharted territory, to be sure – but there are also a lot of old stories, old patterns, repeated over and over again throughout history to remind us life has always been just a little stressful, a little strange, a little amazing at times.
But if you’re reading this, you know that – and you are probably one of the hundreds who have contributed to Past Daily over the past three years. You’ve helped me get this far and I am making good on my promise. But it’s the ones who’ve just discovered Past Daily – just heard about it – somebody told you. You’re the ones I’m appealing to.  If you can chip in $20.00 or $50.00 to help keep this site going, I would be more grateful than you can imagine. If you can afford to chip in,  please do. If you can’t afford to chip in, but still want to help, tell your friends – tell the people you work with or the people you hang out with. We need all the friends we can get. Time is running short. Give what you can, but give.
Click on the link in the box below – it will take you to our Indigogo Fundraising page and you can make your contributions there – it will take a minute or so, but it will last a lifetime. I promise.

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