He visited Past Daily every day but never contributed. The horror.
He visited Past Daily every day but never contributed. The horror.


Day #14 – Approaching the half-way point, but we’re still at 5%. Over the past 24 hours pledges have come trickling in – and that’s great. If we could keep the trickle going maybe, just maybe, it will turn into a flood. I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails from people who would like to contribute but are going through bad financial times. I hear you loud and clear. But I tell them, like I tell everyone who comes to visit Past Daily – tell your friends; that’s a huge help. Tell people you know what this site is all about. Things we put up here are amazing; a lot of them one-of-a-kind – history you just aren’t going to find anywhere else.

The big difference between Past Daily and a lot of sites who have similar historic angles, is that most of them do what we call “document dumps” – a huge pile of material, tossed on to a site, letting the viewer figure it all out and navigate around as best they can. There is useful information buried in there, but the operative word is; buried. There is no one saying “hey, check this out” – you’re left up to your own devices, and that can be pretty frustrating.
Past Daily is about reminding you that some things have happened before – many times before, in most cases. People forget, or they weren’t around in first place. Most days, we are bombarded by so much useless information that the useful information gets lost . Sometimes that’s by accident, and sometimes it’s not. But we think history is important – getting the story straight – hearing it as it happened – hearing the voices of the people involved; those are important.
But if you’ve been staying on top of these (almost) daily reports, you’ve heard this story before – you know the drill, and you know how important it is to keep a site like Past Daily up and running and expanding.
So a few times each year we ask for your support; to dig in your pockets, pull out some change and chip in what you can – I’m not asking a lot – whatever you can afford or are comfortable in contributing is all. Time is running short and if you’ve been on the fence about contributing to Past Daily, please make the decision today to help out. And if you can’t toss in a few bucks, but would still like to help, tell your friends, tell your co-workers – tell anybody who likes History and Pop culture and new music (and old music), and those artifacts of our society we forgot about, that there’s a place that does it every day – and a guy who wants to keep it that way.

Click on the link in the box below, it will take you directly to Indiegogo where you can make your pledge. It’s quick and painless and the benefits last a lifetime.

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