Can the cute and clever cat pictures be far behind?
Can the cute and clever cat pictures be far behind?


Day #15 – We’re at the mid point, and still a long way to go before getting anywhere near our goal for this Fundraiser.  Another week has gone quickly by and another weekend is rapidly approaching. Don’t know about you, but time  is speeding up. I thought as you got older it got slower. But no. Maybe it’s because there’s so much going on, so much more we’re aware of than we were say, 20 years ago. Everybody wants your attention – and they who are loudest wins. Which doesn’t bode terribly well for sites like Past Daily, who go quietly along, offering history and interviews, music and culture – doing it every day and offering a place of refuge from the insanity. And we’d like to keep it that way. We’d also like to be here a long time. Sometimes that gets a little shaky. It costs a lot to keep this site going – the time and expense of restoring and digitizing all the sounds you hear; all the historic newscasts, interviews and documentaries. Not all this stuff is in great shape when we first get it – it takes time to clean up and restore. The thing about old recordings is, they sometimes age badly, but they’re too important to throw away – and often it takes days to make the unlistenable listenable again.

All that time – all that effort for you to listen to, learn from and share with friends, classmates and family. That’s important to me – that’s why I’m here.
History is important – knowing where you came from, knowing what your government is all about, listening to those people who changed your life; for better or worse –  those are all essential ingredients to give you a better understanding of life and the world around you. And a lot of times it gets buried – buried under the noise -blinded by the shiny object – distracted by the paid announcement. It’s my job to keep it simple and keep it useful and not to lose sight of that.
And that’s why I’ve been appealing for your help, these last 15 days. Asking for your Tax Deductible Contributions, no matter how much – so I can keep doing this in order to offer you the best I can and to keep making it better. Your support is important and it’s crucial, and the next 16 days are critical for the life of this site and the work we do. So please, consider your contribution and know it will be used to keep Past Daily doing what it does best – informing, entertaining and enlightening. It’s what we’re all about.

And to make your contribution, all you have to do is click on the link in the box below – you can donate how much ever you want in whatever form you want – we accept it all.

Till next time,
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