Past Daily Fall Fundraiser – Communique #15

"You mean . . .people actually READ Past Daily??"
“You mean . . .people actually READ Past Daily??”

Day #16 – 16 days, 16 backers, 6% and a little over $600 – that’s a lot of 6’s. Someone out there who knows a thing or two about numerology can probably read all kinds of messages into that. But I see it as hopeful for the moment – even though we’re a fair distance from our goal. Still, all signs are hopeful and all is not over yet. We’ve hit the halfway mark, but we’re still appealing to you just as much as we did the first day.

One of the biggest problems, doing a website like Past Daily, or any website for that matter, is that you never really know if anyone is watching or listening or noticing. This is all done in a sort of void – alone and on hunches. Some articles I have put up that I swore up and down were important barely got noticed. Other articles which I almost didn’t put up, wound up being the most popular – go figure. You never really know for sure if you make a connection or not – very often it’s the sound of one hand clapping. But every so often a reader comments, or I get an e-mail or a text from someone who tells me how much they enjoy Past Daily and how much the articles have meant to them – and that makes all the difference in the world.
It’s not my intention to get rich off this – if it was, I wouldn’t be here and Past Daily wouldn’t exist. I’ve been lucky, scratching out of a life based on writing and working in Film and Music. It’s not a grandiose life, but it’s one which has brought a modicum of peace and happiness most days. Over the  years I’ve amassed this collection of recordings, which have been used in Movies and TV and in commercials and on albums. A lot of familiar sounds you’ve heard have come from me, and you probably didn’t know it. But all those sounds used in all those films and albums are only a small fraction of the collection – only a small fraction have ever been heard.. And so, rather than keep them sitting in the dark in a warehouse, collecting dust, i realized it was more important to share them with everyone than to hang on to them. It’s my way of giving back – it’s my way of trying to leave this place a little better than when i first got here.
And that’s why I’m doing this – and that’s why I’m asking for your support to help keep it all going – a small amount, a large amount; it’s all important; and what’s better – it’s Tax Deductible. We’re now looking at the mid-point in the Fundraiser – and your support is crucial. Do what you can – chip in and tell your friends. With you, we can do it.

All you have to do is click on the link in the box below and make your pledge – no matter how you want to do it. It takes about a minute and it lasts about a lifetime.

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