Talk Talk - their audience appeal diminished as their critical appeal rose.
Talk Talk – their audience appeal diminished as their critical appeal rose.

Talk Talk – live from Utrecht, Netherlands – May 27, 1984 – VPRO, Netherlands

Talk Talk were one of those overlooked bands of the 80s who have been the subject of discussion and a tribute album of late. They were a band you either loved or hated – to some they represented the quintessential 80s pop/New Wave/Synth bands and to others they represented a branching out into territory, creating a new musical vocabulary in the process.

The band did go through evolutionary changes over their years together. Starting in 1981 they were wildly popular with audiences who were taking to New Wave in a big way. But by 1992, when the band finally called it a day – they were losing audiences while gaining credibility within the critical community as well as fellow musicians. Much of the loss of audience appeal had to do with lack of support from their record label at the time. They were embroiled in legal action against EMI, which forced them to jump ship and go to Polydor which, in retrospect may not have been a good idea (to go with another Major label anyway).

After breaking up and going their separate ways they fell off the radar by many fans and wound up in the leagues of the overlooked.

This concert, recorded in Utrecht in the Netherlands on May 27, 1984 by the venerable VPRO radio outlet in Holland, captures them at the peak of their New Wave popularity and gives some idea why they came to define (initially) the 80s to many people. Then, as now, you will either love them or hate them. The 80s still do that to people.

Click on the player and decide for yourself.

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