We're not kidding around now.
We’re not kidding around now.


Day #20 – 10 days left – only 6% of our goal – I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty disappointing. A few of you have contacted me saying Past Daily needs a revamp, a re-design – that people who go there can’t really appreciate the massive amount of material is on the site because it’s not laid out in a way that is easy to navigate. And that’s the point of this Fundraiser – I’m trying to raise some much-needed money to do a site revamp and redesign, and it’s not cheap. You’ve said that, even with some 5,000 posts, it’s irrelevant if people can’t have easy access to it – all the ┬áhistory and news and interviews and Pop Culture is hard to find if it has to be carefully dug through.

When I started Past Daily, it was only a few posts. But gradually, as I kept doing it every day, the amount of archive material winding up on the site grew along with it. So much so, that it got out of hand rather quickly. What I’ve been experiencing these last few months are growing pains. It’s getting bigger than I first realized, and more dense than I first thought.
It’s not my intention to make access to history and information and all the things you’ve come to expect from Past Daily, difficult to get to. I always say the history is at your fingertips – but apparently, it’s proven not that easy.
So that’s why I’m having this Fundraiser – that’s why I’m asking your support in helping me get all of this information to you in a way you can access easily. And it takes money to do that. Even though we do these Fundraisers a few times each year, this time it’s for the site itself; the expansion and the improvement of the site.
It’s a slight Catch-22 – raising funds is based on popularity of the site, and popularity of the site is based on access to it. I am trying to make access to the site easier in order to increase popularity, but it’s hard right now.
So that’s why I’m asking you to dig deep and chip-in what you can, and to tell your friends – we need a lot of support if we’re going to get anywhere near our goal – we have only ten days left to do it in.
I have my fingers crossed – I am committed to making Past Daily work and to make sure it’s a vital source of information for everyone to enjoy. With your help I can do that – but I need your help.

Please click on the link in the box below and make your Tax Deductible Contributions – no matter what amount – we need as much as we can get, during these last ten days. Do what you can, and tell your friends.

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