The Rolling Stones - Every parents nightmare in America.
The Rolling Stones – Every parents nightmare in America.

The Rolling Stones – In session At The BBC – August 20, 1965 – BBC Radio 1

From a documentary about Rock at the BBC in the 60s comes this session from the Rolling Stones. The last one they would record, on August 20, 1965. It featured their first top-10 American hit, Satisfaction and material which had established them as one of the heavier blues-influenced bands coming over from Britain during the early 1960s.

There is an interview with Mick Jagger right after Satisfaction, where he discusses how long it took to record the original session for Satisfaction and how they preferred to record in the States.

50 years later, The Rolling Stones are still going strong – but, truths to tell, I have always looked on this early era of the band as one of my favorites. There was a rawness that couldn’t be denied, but there was an energy that was unmistakable – they also shed light on the wealth of great material that fairly oozed from our inner-cities. Leave it to a bunch of White Brits to turn a generation of White Mainstream American kids on to what Black America knew, dug and danced to all along. The 60s were all about change, in more ways than one. And Music was bringing people together.


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