President Truman - Gen. Douglas MacArthur - on top of everything else; Korea.
President Truman – Gen. Douglas MacArthur – on top of everything else; Korea.

Voices And Events – For Week Ending -October 22, 1950 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

65 years ago the world seemed a different place. Celebrated Poets were leaving, celebrated writers were lecturing. Wars were raging out of control, off-year elections were being fought over and compared with election campaigns of the past. Legendary sports figures were retiring, as were notable International figures. And the Swiss, as ever, were maintaining their neutrality in light of the world situation. Some things never change; just the names, the faces and the places.

Celebrated American Poet Edna St. Vincent Millay died this week in 1950 at the age of 58. She left behind a legacy of iconic prose, which has been enjoyed and savored for generations after.

General Eisenhower was delivering cautionary words over the Korean conflict, comparing it to the bigger picture of Totalitarian domination in the world. Meanwhile, from the San Francisco Opera House where the delegates to the United Nations were meeting, President Truman delivered a speech dealing with broad issues of our Foreign Policy. However, details of the meeting between President Truman and General Douglas MacArthur on Wake Island weren’t discussed or brought up. It Fueled speculation that things weren’t going all that smoothly between the White House and the General. The war dragged on.

Since 1950 marked an off-year election, much of the news was about stumping, posturing and claiming in all the key campaigns- charges and counter-charges. Nothing new, only the faces were different. However, it was noted during this broadcast of Voices and Events, that campaigns in the past were more colorful – and a sample of a campaign speech by Al Smith from the 1930s illustrated the point.

Celebrated Author W. Somerset Maugham was busy touring the U.S. giving talks, lectures and interviews. On this broadcast, he takes part in a press conference and answers questions.

Celebrated Baseball pioneer Connie Mack was stepping down as Manager of the Philadelphia Athletics after 50 years. The broadcast runs an interview between a young fan and Mack as way of tribute to the legendary Sportsman.

All that, and so much more for this world, this week in 1950 – as presented by the NBC Radio program Voices And Events for October 22, 1950.

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