James Brown – Live At The Hollywood Bowl 1966 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

When they said he was the Hardest Working Man In Show Business, they weren't kidding.

When they said he was the Hardest Working Man In Show Business, they weren’t kidding.

The James Brown Revue – Live At The Hollywood Bowl – September 16, 1966 – Part 1 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

The James Brown Revue – Live At The Hollywood Bowl – September 16, 1966 – Part 2 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

I ran a portion of this concert (the last half only) a few years ago. But I realized, the only way you could really appreciate this concert, and in fact the true magnitude of the talent of James Brown, was to listen to the entire concert; at almost three hours. This is his legendary appearance at The Hollywood Bowl on September 16, 1966.

The boast that James Brown was The Hardest Working Man In Show Business is no mere hype. Together with his revue, which included The Jewels, Baby Lloyd, The Famous Flames, and a full compliment of strings, Brown is almost non-stop on stage. Whether it was giving a taste of what was to come in the second half, or lending his keyboard skills during the instrumental section, Brown is all over the place. It is, without question, a glimpse of what many of these revues were like from the legendary Chitlin Circuit of the 40s and 50s, where an audience got their money’s worth and then some.

The concert is broken up between two players – the top player is the first half of the show (around 90 minutes). And the second half is on the bottom player.

Technical note: Even though this is what is known as a Soundboard recording, the sound system at the Hollywood Bowl during this time was more geared towards Classical, Jazz and Folk. High powered Rock, or in this case, Turbo-charged Soul. Because there weren’t multiple mikes or much mixing, the sound gets a little distorted in places – and parts of the band go missing some of the time, as does the string section. But the historic importance of a concert like this, by one of the icons of Rock and R&B goes without saying. The energy, from 49 years ago, is enough to drive you crazy – just as it did to the audience who were there.


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4 Responses

  1. Clyde says:

    wonderful James Brown show give us more of James Brown and The Famous Flames



  2. Brian says:

    Just thought everyone would like a set list. My brother is an encyclopedia of JB and he was able to fill in most of the titles. Even he was stumped on a few. Better than nothing I guess.
    1JBs The King /Intro
    2 Jbs Mashed Potatoes Usa3:42
    3 Jbs Jabo6:38
    4 Jbs Instrumental (Title ???14:13
    5 Jbs Hold it17:33
    6-11James Brown on OrganThe King (instr22.18
    7James Brown Fat Bag (instr25.28
    8James Brown Evry beat of my heart(instr33:38
    9James Brown -Instrumental (title???39.29
    10 James Brown Lets go get stoned (instr43.01
    11 James Brown Our day will come(instr46.51
    12James brown Mashed potatoes52.26
    13Jbs Headache (isntr
    14James Brown Night train (with Levi Radwell skit56.24
    15JBs Money Wont change You (inst.107.58
    16 JBs Instrumental (same as #9 111.12
    17 Jbs Hand jive (instr112.40
    18 Baby Lloyd-Ain’t Too proud to Beg114.33
    19Baby Lloyd-You got my mind messed up (
    20Baby Lloyd-Land of a thousand dances
    21Jewels-Cool Jerk
    22Jewels This is my story
    23- Jewels Sure must be love
    24Danny Ray Mustang giveaway

    1-9 James Brown- Money wont change you
    2 Try me
    3 Papas got a brand new bag
    4 Prisoner of Love
    5 Maybe the last time
    6 I Got you
    7 ITs a man’s man’s man’s world
    8 Please please please
    9 Money wont change you