Past Daily Fall Fundraiser – Communique #22

Oh no . . . .it's HIM again.
Oh no . . . .it’s HIM again.


Day #23 – 7 days left. This time next week it will be all over, and it will either be a time of relief and celebration or a time of reflection and concern. Yesterday saw a flurry of activity – several much-needed contributions came in, putting us up to 8% of our funding goal.  We have a long ways to go before next Sunday, but yesterday proved we can do it. If we just get enough of you to believe you can make a difference,  that history and information and knowing about the world around you and the people in it are important, then we have a chance to at least come within shouting distance of our goal, and we’ll be able to make those much-needed improvements to our site and get those much-needed repairs on some of our preservation equipment.  Electronics, like people, get a bit creaky with age; things give out, fall apart, break down – and much of it can’t be replaced with new equipment because, well . . .it’s technology that just isn’t used anymore. But much important information is often stored on old technology, and those creaky, falling apart, breaking down pieces of equipment provide a crucial link between oblivion and relevance – they are the elements which help keep history alive.

So much goes into making a site like Past Daily functioning and growing. The work of research, the hours of restoring and digitizing all the audio that’s used each day – even the photos used to illustrate a story. Most of it comes from my archive research library – hundreds of books and thousands of periodicals going back to the late 19th century – scanned and restored – checked for accuracy. Sometimes we make mistakes, get a name wrong or a place mixed up, or a date read wrong – and many of you have been quick to point those out, which I’m grateful for because, doing this on  your own can be a little exhausting – especially when you’re also trying to keep the rest of your life going.
That’s why your help and your contributions are so important to maintaining the high standard of Past Daily – and to make it better and more user-friendly. That’s why I’m asking for your tax deductible contributions, no matter how big or small – it’s all vitally important. We’ve got 1 week to make miracles happen – I know we can do it, because a lot of you care about history and those milestone moments of our lives. Do what you can, tell your friends and come back often.

All you have to do – to make all the difference in the world, is to click on the link in the box below. Takes maybe a minute. Lasts over a lifetime – gratitude and thanks are unending. Love goes without saying.

Till next time,


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