The Obligatory Cute Cat Picture.
The Obligatory Cute Cat Picture.


Day #24 – 6 days left.  Six Hair-pulling, nail-biting, nerve-wracking, hysteria-driven days to go before it’s over.  It’s been a roller-coaster and there’s still a ways to go. 9% of our goal so far and we’re slowly getting there.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to all of you who have contributed so far. You give me hope, give me a renewed sense that what Past Daily is all about is something good and can be a lot better.

We’re in work-in-progress – everything I’ve been doing here has been hit-or-miss; from the design of the website to the daily chores that go on, without fail. It’s hard – I make mistakes, I get complaints, I get frustrated. But I keep doing it. And I keep reaching out to more of you every day because I believe that history and information and knowing about the world around you, those moments and movements which have shaped our lives, are important to be reminded of. And that’s my job – the one I chose to do, because I saw  no point in keeping a life’s worth of accumulating and preserving if it was going to spend the rest of its time in a dark room, gathering dust and stares.
I am also one of those people who believe it’s important to give back – to leave the place a little cleaner, nicer, more livable, than when I arrived. The world when I got here was a world in transition and much was uncertain – just like it is now. Maybe it’s always been that way; uncertainty is the given in life, it seems. And maybe reminding you that it’s always been that way offers some comfort, or trying to put some historic perspective on uncertain times makes them seem less daunting. Giving voice to the adage “everything works out – we didn’t come this far to get dropped on our asses”. Maybe.
But all of that as a roundabout way of saying; I still need your help and I have 6 days in order to make miracles – 6 days for it to all work out. And maybe you’ll see the possibilities and chip in, or maybe you won’t. Maybe you want to participate and maybe you want to watch.  Me personally, it would be great if everyone, participants and watchers alike, just kicked in 1 dollar, especially from last week – we would have hit the goal and then some, within minutes. But that’s magical thinking, and magic only works when it’s quick.
All this by way of saying – I’ve got 6 days left, and 6 days left for you to help. We can still make it happen – just click on the link in the box below and say yes.

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