"You do realize ignorance of your culture is not considered cool, right?
“You do realize ignorance of your culture is not considered cool, right?”

Day #25 – 5 days left – still at the 9% mark, hoping it can inch up in the next five days. I don’t know about you, but my in-box is jammed with appeals for donations, contributions, time, energy, effort, and action all day long. Seems one emergency gets taken care of and another pops up. We live in scary, uncertain times – made worse by wall-to-wall alarm everywhere you go. It can feel overwhelming.

So when a site like Past Daily comes along, appealing for support and contributions, it may feel like one more organization, one more website, one more person, asking for donations. And the appeal gets lost in the shuffle and drowned-out by noise and promises.
People visit Past Daily for a lot of different reasons. There’s the history, newscasts, interviews and documentaries tracing many of the problems we have today back to their distant beginnings. There’s also Culture and Society – concerts, radio sessions, festivals – all the music which runs the gamut, from Classical to Jazz to Indie and World – everything with only one common denominator; that it be good, or at least striving. The interviews with artists, writers, musicians, philosophers – anyone who has in some way changed the thinking about a subject or genre – hearing a voice from a deep-distant past for the first time – a voice associated with a name who many are familiar with, but have never heard. Glimpses of places and times; the slice of an average day a half-century earlier; overheard conversations, recorded and preserved from people long gone – all those elements which come together in one website; that’s what Past Daily is all about.
It’s been a commitment of mine for many years now, to keep and preserve all these moments. Not as a pack-rat or hoarder, but as someone who wants to share those aspects of our life and history to inform, enlighten and understand some of the present confusion and future decisions.
So a few times a year, as we’ve been doing for the past three years, I ask for your help and support by way of a Tax Deductible contribution to help keep Past Daily going – help keep the Archive preserving, restoring and sharing with you all those moments in time and places in history that have made a difference, or have provided a piece to a grand puzzle. I ask for your help to keep doing that, and I’m asking you to chip in, tell your friends, do whatever you can do to keep it going, keep history alive. Can I count on you before the end of the week?

All I ask, is that you click on the link in the box below and make your contribution, for whatever amount. It’s all needed – it’s all gratefully appreciated.

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