Good ol' Politics!
Good ol’ Politics!

CBS World News Roundup – October 28, 1988 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

With the election only a few days away, this October 28th in 1988, Democratic Presidential hopeful Michael Dukakis admitted during an interview with Dan Rather that he may have started a bit late with negative campaigning. The polls showed Dukakis trailing vice-President George Bush by a sizable number, but Dukakis was determined to turn the numbers around. The Bush/Quayle camp had been heaping mud on the Dukakis/Bentsen campaign practically since the beginning – so it was going to be an uphill climb, and many were wondering if it was going to pull any rabbits out of the hat in time.

Meanwhile, the saga of the Whales was getting better – as was reported the previous day, the stranded Whales were finally led to an escape route, thanks to a Soviet ice-cutter. But it was still touch-and-go to see if the Whales were going to make good their route to freedom. On this day, they were 1,000 feet from open sea.

In Wellington, New Zealand, another story of stranded Whales – this time 80 Pilot Whales, smaller cousins to the Gray Whales were stranded on a beach for two days. No one knew why it happens there up to 60 times a year – scientists speculated it was magnetic abnormalities in the earth. On this day, some 54 Whales were escorted to freedom.

In Paris, the French government ordered a drug company to resume distributing its RU-486 Morning-After pill within France. The company complied, after yielding to pressure a few days earlier from anti-abortion groups. The French also were celebrating the launch of an Ariane rocket from the coast of French Guiana. It was carrying a TV satellite.

West German authorities said to have foiled a terrorist plot, arresting 13 suspected Palestinian guerrillas base on searches in four cities. The investigation was continuing and authorities said more arrests were possible. The target of the planned attacks wasn’t clear. Police theorized the intended target was outside West Germany. The 13 arrested were said to belong to a hardline Syrian group; The Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine General Command.

And news that Saudi businessman Adnan Khsahoggi wasn’t intending on surrendering voluntarily over fraud and racketeering charges in the Ferdinand Marcos case, prompted Federal officials to swear out a warrant for his arrest. Rumor had it, Khashoggi was hiding out in another country.

All that, and so much more for this October 28, 1988 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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