The Past Daily Fall Fundraiser – Communique #25

Fundraisers are a bit like surgery.
Fundraisers are a bit like surgery.

Day #26 – 4 days left. 9% of our goal and we haven’t budged since the weekend. I’m beginning to think most people really don’t like history, don’t like being reminded or making discoveries; don’t like hearing anything unusual. Sad really. But with all the distractions and eye candy and paranoia we get bombarded with every minute of every day, reading one more appeal, one more call to action, one more reason to give is more than enough reason to shut down.

And then there’s sites like Past Daily, who really don’t want to make you do anything other than listen and discover and feel better. Posting the news for this day in history – an event which took place a long time ago, but which has implications for what’s happening now. A piece of music you might not know about, or knew about but forgot. An interview with an iconic figure, whose face you know, but whose voice you don’t. Posting the discovery of a new artist – people who are trying to make a difference and need to be heard. That’s what we celebrate around here – stuff that’s important.
But maybe, during overload from all the noise, the shut down is complete – nothing is allowed in – the sound of silence is infinitely preferable to the relentless din of distraction.
But I wish I could get you to change  your mind – convince you if you’re on the fence – not ready to commit, that you can make a difference, that your contributions and support do a lot to help keep us going, striving to be an alternative to the noise.  But I can’t do this alone, and I am appealing for your help, your support and your encouragement to keep this going and to keep trying. All I can do is ask and all I can do is show you what we do. The decision to support or not is up to you – how much you choose to support is up to you too. We’re in the middle of very tough times (contrary to what you read and hear), and not everyone can afford to make a contribution – and even though it’s Tax Deductible, it doesn’t change whether you can afford to chip in or not – if it’s Past Daily or groceries, go with groceries. I’m not asking you to make this painful. But if you can afford it, then I’m asking you to make the decision to contribute what you’re willing – can be a little, can be a lot – it’s up to you. Even if it’s the price of a cup of coffee – anything to help keep Past Daily up and running is sorely needed right now. There isn’t much time left – please make the choice to join us and make a difference.
Please click on the link in the box below and say yes.

Till next time,
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