The Past Daily Fall Fundraiser – Communique #26

That ominous feeling.
That ominous feeling.


Day #28 – 2 1/2 days left. 10% of our goal with hours left to scramble for the rest. A huge, heart-felt debt of gratitude to the 28 of you who have backed this campaign so far. Because of you, we’ve come this far. It’s the thousands of you who visit every day, who don’t feel something like this is important, or feel that someone else will shoulder the responsibility, I have to say I’m disappointed in you – not that I expect everyone to pitch in and contribute. I’ve said this before – we live in strange economic times and not everyone can afford to contribute. Even with a Tax Deduction, if the money isn’t there, what use is a tax deduction, right? ┬áBut it’s the ones who can afford it – the ones who think this all happens by magic because everything on the Internet is free anyway, so why shell out money for something you can get just by dropping by – those are the ones I’m disappointed over. See, this is a lifetime collection – this is something I want to share with people for free – I’m not charging for it, nor can I – nor would I want to. I don’t think history should have a price tag on it – you shouldn’t have to pay for being turned on to things you never knew existed. All I’m asking – is that, every once in a while (a couple times a year), I have these fund raisers as a way of being able to continue offering all this material for free and I need your help and generosity to continue doing it. I put my money where my mouth is and I spend every penny on keeping this site up and keeping the archive restoring and preserving and making available to you all this sound, so you can have it and share it with others and maybe enhance your own life. But every so often, I need a little help making all that happen – that’s why I’m doing this and that’s why I’m asking and hounding and cajoling and pleading for pennies from you – whatever you can afford. Maybe you just can’t – I understand, and I’m not here to guilt you into something you cannot do. But if you can, I am asking for your support. And in the next 2 days I need you to step up to the plate and make your support known, be among the loyal and amazing supporters who have pledged their contributions so far. We can do it – I know we can – but I need your help.
Click on the link in the box below and make your contribution – takes maybe a minute – lasts a lifetime.

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