Past Daily Fall Fundraiser – Communique #27

"Did they pledge today?"
“Did they pledge today?”


Day #29 – 35 hours left to go before we call it quits.  If you’ve been waiting for the last minute, now is the time to come in and save the day – we are quickly running out of time. Still, I am convinced we offer things you can’t get anywhere else – certainly not all in the same place – we run the gamut, and that can be jarring for people. But unlike radio, you don’t need to sit through everything you don’t like in order to get to the posts you do – which is why Past Daily is not only unique, it caters to a wide swath of people – the common denominator, is that it’s interesting and it caters to your curiosity. You may not agree with what I post; may not even like it. But you can always cut to the stuff you do like. People ask why I don’t just post Music and Pop Culture – I happen to think history is important. Why we have arrived at a certain point in time – why things happen the way they do – why they happen so often, usually the same way. Those people or incidents which spun things around, for good or bad; mistakes as well as accomplishments; those are all important and vital to know who we are as a society.

There are those people who ask why I don’t just post History and Politics and not bother with Music or Pop Culture.  Look; we’re not all about one thing – we’re not one-dimensional – we have other interests, other facets of our lives which motivate and stimulate us. People are, for the most part, complex – and we’re all capable of liking, and accepting a lot of different things, we can’t live on a diet of one thing alone.
It’s a combination of a lot of things – the bottom line being they are good, they are interesting and they are worthy of closer inspection.
That’s what Past Daily is here for – and I do much of this alone, relying on my archive as the source of all this material which I offer several times a day, every day of the week – and have for the past three years.
I’m not going anywhere – but I really need your help keeping this running as smoothly as it does. It is many hours in the day. And your tax deductible contributions help that to continue. I want to do the best I can. I want to be the place you get interesting information – and you can help make that happen.
Not much time left – a huge debt of gratitude to those who have contributed so far – you have made a enormous difference.  But we still have a ways to go – if you like Past Daily, please show your support and chip in what you can. We’re here because you are.
Please click on the link in the box below and make your contribution, in any amount – large or small.

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