Harry Houdini - every year on Halloween for 10 years, trying to make contact.
Harry Houdini – every year on Halloween for 10 years, trying to make contact.

Houdini’s Last Seance – October 31, 1936 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Harry Houdini was, according to legend, the greatest escape artist of all time. He was known all over the world for his stunts, death-defying acts and seemingly impossible escapes.

So when he died of Peritonitis from a ruptured appendix on October 31, 1926 the legend and lore around his death created a sensation. It was determined that he had told his wife and close friends that he was going to make contact from “the other side”. And so, for the next ten years, a seance was held in an attempt to contact the spirit of Harry Houdini – none with any success.

The last of these seances took place in Hollywood on Halloween night, 1936 – ten years to the day since Houdini’s death.

Like everything else associated with the legend of Harry Houdini, the seance was broadcast throughout the country.

Here is that broadcast, as it happened on October 31, 1936 – Houdini’s Last Seance.

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