Past Daily Fall Fundraiser – Communique #28 – Hours Left To Go

Running out of time.
Running out of time.

Day #30 – 12 hours left – so I’ll be brief. I cannot begin to thank those amazing and incredible supporters who have pledged and contributed during this campaign – you are the reason Past Daily exists – you are the backbone of what we’re all about. Your encouragement and your donations have given me more than enough proof we’re doing something right. And that’s often difficult, staring at a computer screen, days on end..

So many of my friends who have sites are always in doubt as to whether anyone sees what they’re doing or cares. We post in a void, it seems – sometimes people comment, but mostly its that silence; never knowing if you’re getting your message out to people or you’re being met with massive ambivalence.
So when you do a Fundraiser like this, and you do get support and encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing, it makes all the difference in the world. And those of you who contributed and have written kind words of encouragement and support are appreciated more than you can imagine. You have given me hope and you’ve given me a reason to keep this thing going.
And for the next 12 hours it’s up to the ones who haven’t contributed – the ones who are still on the fence, the ones who don’t think they can make a difference. Yes, you will – believe me.
Every penny you donate between now and 9:00 pm (Pacific time) will make a huge difference and will make this Fundraiser a success. Every friend you tell about Past Daily, the things we offer every day – the history, the music, the rare interviews, the newscasts – all those elements which make up the eclectic nature of Past Daily; those things will continue with your tax deductible contributions and ¬†your support throughout the year. We’re here all day, all week and all year long – giving you the best of what we have, the best of what’s out there and the best of what’s still to be discovered. Join us in supporting this unique and special website – chip in what you can – a little goes a long way.
Click on the link in the box below and make your contribution – we’ll be here as long as you are.

Till next time,


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