Past Daily Fall Fundraiser – Post-Mortem


Post-Mortem – The Fundraiser’s over – the hysteria, hoopla and begging are done. My gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the 33 backers, and those who told your friends and posted on your own sites and Facebook pages, I cannot thank you enough. You’ve given me renewed hope and encouragement that Past Daily is on the right track, or at least headed in the right direction.

We raised a little over 10% of our goal – we can’t take care of the big picture this time around, but we can take care of a lot of smaller ones, like repairing and replacing much-needed equipment for restoration, storage, binding loose copies of the extinct periodicals I use for scans you see every day. A lot of nuts-and-bolts tasks which get put off or delayed because of one emergency or another can now get taken care of.
In short; it would have been nice to hit our goal, but we’re beyond grateful for what we did raise – and it’s all because you believe in what we’re trying to do and believe in it enough to support it.
But as you know, if you missed out on this Fundraiser, and still want to contribute – there is an icon for Fractured Atlas on the Past Daily site. Fractured Atlas is the non-profit portal I am associated with, which you can click on and still make a contribution. You still get the Tax Deduction and you still take part in keeping Past Daily going – it’s quieter that way, and doesn’t gum up your newsfeeds with daily communiques.
But for now – the party is over and its back to work. Thank you again for all your support, kind words and encouragement – I couldn’t do it without you.
Big hug to you all,




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