Dulles, Pinay and Macmillan - stretching the optimism.
Dulles, Pinay and Macmillan – stretching the optimism.

NBC – Listen To Washington – November 2,1955 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

As the Cold War became a permanent fixture for life in the 1950s, so were the Summit conferences taking place in Geneva. Seemingly, ever few months, some gathering of Superpowers would take place to iron out differences, bring up new ones, rehash old ones – all with the hope of easing tensions and creating some peaceful coexistence.

But there was a lot going on in the world – hot spots were breaking out everywhere. The situation in the Middle East was growing more dangerous by the minute, with saber rattling and skirmishes taking place between Israel and her neighbors. Germany was still an issue and would be for years, if not decades, to come. Russia‘s increasing presence in developing countries, with Foreign Aid being the new tool of persuasion. And trouble brewing in Algeria and other spots in Africa, as well as an increasing sense of nervousness in South America.

It was a lively world and a tumultuous time, as discussed by this group of correspondents, part of the weekly wrapup, Listen to Washington via NBC Radio.

During the last few minutes of this 15 minute program, discussion was starting on the subject of Disaster insurance; something that was just being talked about and discussed as to wether this sort of insurance was something to be handled by the Government or Private Insurance companies.

All interesting stuff – particularly in hindsight. But that’s what they were talking about on November 2nd, 1955.

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