James Taylor - in 1970, a star ascending.
James Taylor – in 1970, a star ascending.

James Taylor – In Concert at The Jabberwocky, Syracuse New York – February 6, 1970 – WAER-FM

A mid-week change of pace. Early James Taylor tonight. Right at the time of the release of his second album, Sweet Baby James, and the avalanche of critical and audience acclaim which soon followed.

The concert, at The Jabberwocky in Syracuse New York, during the week of February 6, 1970 is an intimate affair – a small venue with a relaxed atmosphere and an audience thoroughly into it. Taylor is cordial and the warmth between artist and audience is clearly evident. It made for a memorable show.

Luckily, this concert was recorded and preserved by college station WAER in Syracuse, and the opportunity to hear it, in excellent sound, offers ample proof why James Taylor became the sensation to audiences only a few short months later.

If you haven’t heard early James Taylor, had a chance to listen to a legendary artist on the rise, this is a wonderful place to get acquainted. If you remember hearing James Taylor for the first time, either by way of his first album on Apple or this second one on Warners, this may remind you of just what all the excitement was about at the time.

This is definitely sit-down-and-get-comfy music to sink your ears into. Also works well for chilly nights.

Check it out, either way.

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