Hindi Zahra - We could leave it at breathtaking, but that would be seller her short.
Hindi Zahra – We could leave it at breathtaking, but that would be selling her short.

– Hindi Zahra – Paris Rooftop Concert – September 30, 2015 – Culturebox

French-Moroccan singer-songwriter Hindi Zahra has been active since 2009. Her voice and work have drawn comparisons to Beth Gibbons of Portishead, Norah Jones and Manu Chao. But she is no copy or imitator, Hindi Zahra is a phenomenon unto herself. A dazzling mixture of Berber music, Soul and Indie, Zahra combines these elements and accompanies them with a voice of plaintive somnambulance; at once, captivating – over time, spellbinding.

With an excellent and perfectly synonymous band, she is a breath of warm night air.

This concert, an intimate affair, is part of a series of concerts performed on a rooftop in Paris, is an elegantly crafted, and much-too-short 25 minutes.

She currently has two albums out, including a new one, Homeland, which was released earlier this year. Definitely an artist worth seeking out, if she’s anywhere near where a city close by. She is slated to play the Royal Albert Hall in London on the 8th of this month, as well as a tour of Europe (mostly France) until May of 2016. Pity she doesn’t make an appearance at SXSW – I think she is an artist to keep an eye on.

In the meantime, sink into this rooftop concert and let it take you places.

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