In short - it was like this. (art: the genius of Ron Cobb)
In short – it was like this. (Art: the genius of Ron Cobb)

The Story Of Psychedelia – BBC 6 Music – 2004 – BBC Radio

A little over 10 years ago BBC6 Music (one of the mainstays for anyone even remotely interested in music), as part of their ongoing series of informative and in-depth documentaries, ran this 4-part special; The Story Of Psychedelia, which is a primer for those curious about that period of time and the social/musical movement which changed Youth Culture in a way not much else has done since.

Going back to its initial roots (the discoveries and early experiments with LSD, pre-World War 2) and taking it to the present (2004), this documentary traces the changes and the people who were affected by those changes and those who implemented those changes.

A lot is crammed into this 2-hour excursion – but you’re given enough information and examples to familiarize yourself with those bands mentioned, which you may not be all that familiar with.

Tongue-in-cheek in places, but thoroughly entertaining and insightful.

So, if you have nothing else to do today and wanted to listen to something that puts it all in a different light, check out this BBC6 Music Documentary – especially if you missed it the first time around or are wondering why you love Tame Impala so much. This one answers your questions.


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