Dodgy - further evidence the 90s were a lot more interesting than first imagined.
Dodgy – further evidence the 90s were a lot more interesting than even first imagined.

Dodgy – Live At Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton – July 5, 1996 – BBC Radio

Sometimes it takes a distance of 20 years to appreciate a decade and all the musical contributions which took place during that time.

Although Dodgy were a big favorite ever since hearing their first album in 1993, they were part of that tidal wave of bands coming over from the UK under the guise of Brit-Pop (a name for a genre I could never really figure out), and occasionally some bands got lost in the shuffle, at least here in the U.S. – and that was more or less the case with Dodgy. No good reason – they had great support from A&m (which was an American label anyway) – it was just a packed playing field and not everyone got the attention they deserved. Not so in the UK, where they were hugely popular from all the live gigs they were doing early on and a lot of critical support from the Press and Radio.

In the States we were in the process of digesting Oasis and Pulp and Lush and Blur – and they were taking up a lot of air space and shelf space – coupled with what was going on here with our own bands; Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam and so many others. It was admittedly, an embarrassment of riches, and anyone with an open set of ears was going into overload.

So our loss that many people in the U.S. missed Dodgy the first time around – after an initial breakup in 1998, and a reunion in 1999 and another breakup in 2002, the band with original lineup have been back together since 2007.

But tonight it’s back to that formative period – when they were riding very high on the charts and getting massive audience support. Dodgy in concert from Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton, recorded by the venerable BBC on July 5th of 1996.

Play loud – and dig through their catalog when you get a chance – they have a pile of great material to absorb and get acquainted with. The 90s appear to have no shortage of great discoveries lurking around which you may have missed.

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