Lovell and Aldrin - last of the Geminis.
Lovell and Aldrin – last of the Geminis.

NBC Radio – Launch of Gemini 12 – November 11, 1966 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Gemini 12 was the last of the Gemini space flights and the 18th manned American spaceflight since the X-15 spaceflights until Apollo 7 made its debut almost 2 years later.

Its objective was to demonstrate an astronaut could work outside the spacecraft. Aldrin performed a 2-hour and 20 minute tethered spacewalk during this flight as well as photograph star fields and performing other tasks, successfully demonstrating the feasibility of extravehicular activity.

The four day flight also marked Astronaut Lovell as the record holder for the longest amount of time in space of anyone. It also marked Buzz Aldrin‘s first spaceflight.

Here is that live broadcast of the launch of Gemini 12, as it was first heard over the NBC Radio Network on November 11, 1966.

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