At first, a carnival atmosphere - and then it descended into nasty.
At first, a carnival atmosphere – and then it descended into nasty.

CBS News – CBS Radio Weekend Roundup – Nov. 11, 2000 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

News for this Veteran’s Day in 2000 was all about the Presidential Election – the one hanging on Florida – the one disputed – the one which turned a close election into a nightmare – the nightmare with seemingly no end.

It all began on Election night – November 7 – with reports and contradictions – accusations and denials. Charges and counter-charges between the Bush camp and the Gore camp and the controversy the was coming to the boil.

By the 11th, the reporters covering the election were beyond exhaustion – those who thought it would be a “long night” were in for a long week – and what was surely shaping up to being a long month, as calls for hand-counting votes – charges of voter fraud – vote tampering and a general feeling this was going to be the messiest election in U.S. history had many shaking their heads, wondering if it was going to be over.

And that’s what was going on – other news (and there was much going on in the rest of the world) was taking backseat to the drama unfolding in Florida.

And since this November 11th in 2000 was a Sunday, the airwaves were filled with speculation, spin, and hypotheticals. It was no easy day to be in politics – it was no easy day to be a voter. How it turned out in Florida would determine how the future would be played out for the next four years.

Maybe this was the Y2K nightmare they were talking about, but just didn’t know it at the time.

In any event, this is what was going on – this November 11, 2000 as it was reported by CBS Radio News.

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