It wouldn't be Detroit without Auto Workers and it wouldn't be Auto Workers without layoffs and strikes - even in 1964.
It wouldn’t be Detroit without Auto Workers and it wouldn’t be Auto Workers without layoffs and strikes – even in 1964.

The Morning Report fro WXYZ-Detroit – November 12, 1964 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

A lot of local news, via WXYZ in Detroit, in this November 12th in 1964. Beginning with news of the ongoing newspaper Strike at The Detroit News, the layoffs at Ford and a threatened strike looming.

On the national level – word from the Texas White House of a plan to cut Excise, or Nuisance Taxes was revealed today. Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon met with President Johnson regarding the plan and announced the plan for the Tax cut would be given to Congress in January. Hopes were, the bill would be an easy pass. Also from the LBJ Ranch were plans to stage a major informal welcome to newly elected Mexican President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz. The legendary Barbecue was scheduled. After that, a series of meetings were scheduled to discuss International and Latin-American problems.

Demonstrations scheduled in Tokyo over the arrival of the U.S. Submarine Sea Dragon ended in a disappointing turnout. Demonstrations previously were violent affairs and the threatened more-of-the-same didn’t materialize.

In Britain – taxpayers received bad news in the form of a new budget submitted by the Labour Government which called for a boost in taxes.

And former manager of the Cincinnati Reds Fred Hutchinson died after a long illness. Hutchinson coached the Reds from 1959 until leaving in October of 1964, too ill with lung Cancer to continue.

And that’s a very small slice of news during a very busy November 12th in 1964 – as broadcast by WXYZ in Detroit as well as Paul Harvey and Howard Cosell’s Sports commentary.

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2 thoughts on “The World Of Pickets And Promises – November 12, 1964

  1. Gordon, Thank you so much for posting these WXYZ newscasts from the sixties. Each time you have posted a WXYZ air check, I have sent the link to the Motor City Radio Flashbacks website and they have made it available to their visitors. By any chance do you have any recordings of the WXYZ DJ shows from that era? At the end of this newscast we hear the beginning of Fred Wolf’s show. He was the top-rated morning DJ in Detroit from 1950 until his retirement in 1965. If you could post any air checks of his show it would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Jim: Thanks so much for your comments. The newscasts were part of a collection of tapes via Bob Hardt and they were only his morning reports, which also included ABC News as well as Paul Harvey and Howard Cosell from 1963-1964. The Fred Wolf intros and outros are just that – I wish there was more, but as is always the case – never say never. I got this collection in about 15-20 years ago – a few years ago I got a large collection (about 1,000) of 16″ discs from WJR in Detroit, and tapes always seem to show up. The thing about the archive (where all these posts come from) is that it’s ongoing – so new acquisitions are still happening. I will let you know if I find any DJ tapes from the period – in the meantime, there are many more Morning News shows to run, which I will in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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