Bertrand Belin - prolific singer-songwriter.
Bertrand Belin – prolific singer-songwriter.

Bertrand Belin – Live in Paris – September 2010 – Radio France FIP

Taking it down several notches this weekend and opting for sounds from our friends in Paris this weekend as way of offering solidarity and appreciation and reminder that it’s all Rock n’ Roll – no matter what language or who is singing it.

This weekend it’s an intimate concert from French singer-songwriter Bertrand Belin, recorded in September of 2010. Belin is a name probably not familiar to a lot of people, but a prolific writer with some 5 albums to his credit, since beginning his career in 2003. He has a new album out, Cap Waller, which was released in October – he was slated to appear tonight (the 14th) in concert, but like all musical and other activity in Paris this evening, it’s been cancelled.

So, as a way of reaching out to our friends and cousins in Paris, here is Bertrand Belin from 2010, by way of the venerable Radio France FIP channel.

Enjoy and keep sending good thoughts in a Parisian direction.

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