Summing up a week beyond madness.
Summing up a week gone beyond madness.

John Lennon – Imagine – extract from Live concert – 1972 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

The morning after the horrific events played out in Paris this past week – probably the most striking and poignant moment came when a passerby began playing a piano outside the Bataclan Theatre, and the strains of John Lennon’s Imagine filtered through the air.

All the frustrations, anger and fear, so much a part of that day (and in fact, the days before, over Beirut and what will undoubtedly be many days and weeks after) were somehow suspended for that minute or so as Lennon’s plea for peace distracted everyone, snapped us back to our senses, reminded us we’re a lot better than the ones hiding behind their guns and suicide belts.

So I ran across this live version – one I hadn’t heard before, and it seemed fitting that it should end the week, and hopefully start a better one, come tomorrow.

However you feel about the song – and yes, it’s played a lot for a lot of tragic, senseless events – but maybe we just need to be reminded more often now that there’s a much better way, and John Lennon said it best.

Here’s to hoping and here’s to dreaming of better

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  1. Thankyou… a million times… Have not heard Lennon sing it himself. So special.. So inspirational.

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