Louis Jordan - high priest of Jump-Blues.
Louis Jordan – high priest of Jump-Blues.

All-Star Parade Of Bands – Louis Jordan and His Tympany 5 – Live at Sardis – July 9, 1956 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

From one of the pioneers of Jump-Blues and small-combo Jazz, bubbling under the radar in the 1930s and coming to the forefront after World War 2, Louis Jordan was one of its most visible and innovative. Along with Lucky Millinder and (post-War), Roy Milton, Joe Liggins and the onslaught of new bands that cropped up shortly after, Jordan did a lot to break down the color barrier which existed in mainstream Music at the time – his long-standing relationship with Decca Records, responsible for so many of his early hits, went from putting him on their Sepia imprint, to their regular releases.

This broadcast, from the later period of Jordan’s career, still finds him a vital ingredient in what was the rapidly evolving status of Rock n’ Roll, one which directly traced its roots to the Jump-Blues movement.

He’s performing at the Hollywood hotspot Sardi’s (“on the corner of Hollywood and Vine”) – and broadcast on July 9, 1956 as part of the All-Star Parade Of Bands series on NBC Radio.

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