Politics as usual . . . .
Politics as usual . . . .(N.Y. Daily News – November 16, 1995)

NPR – Morning Edition News – November 16, 1995 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

An otherwise normal day, this November 16, 1995 – politics as usual – warring factions as usual – life going on as usual.

Starting with the infamous Government shutdown and the war between Congress and President Clinton. The New York Daily News summed up the kerfuffle accurately – it was about personalities and more about the clashes between Clinton and House Speaker Newt Gingrich than actually about budgets. But that’s politics and sleights-of-hand.

In other news, it was disclosed that Attorney General Janet Reno was being treated for Parkinson’s Disease and at a Press Conference in which she announced she had the disorder, she also indicated that treatment and medication were not going to be deterrents to her continuing to do her job.

Meanwhile, an International Tribunal meeting in The Hague indicted Bosnian Serb leaders Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic for crimes against humanity and genocide against the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica.

And the private think-tank The Pew Health Professions Commission said the U.S. has too many doctors, pharmacists and nurses, and the commission recommended that 20% of the nation’s Medical schools should be shut down over the next decade. The group also suggested admitting 20-25% fewer students by 2005. The study also predicted as many as half of the nations 5,000 hospitals would close.

All that, and a lot more for an otherwise uneventful (yet eventful in the long-run) November 16th in 1995, as reported by National Public Radio.

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